Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Historicising the Impacts of Ijebu Migrants on Ibadan Since 1960 - by SMB Johnson


Fundamentally, the history of human race is that of migration. Man, by nature, is designed to be mobile. No wonder, the history of the Ijebu people like other human race is intertwined with migration. Without doubt, the Ijebu people are a variant of the varied Yoruba stocks of western part of Nigeria. Significantly, this study examines the impact of Ijebu people and their socio – economic and political activities in Ibadan from 1960 when Nigeria gained her independence. Purposely, this study starts by taking a look into the Ijebu traditional institutions, historical background, social organization, traditional festivals, political organizations, and economic organization.

It further does an elucidation on the factors responsible for the migration of Ijebu indigenes to Ibadan, and it establishes that these factors include social, economic, political and religious factors. Coupled with this, the study takes a critical look into the impact of Ijebu on Ibadan. Importantly, the impact of Ijebu people in Ibadan cuts across social, economic, religious, and political spheres of life.

In carrying out this study, a good number of journal articles, essays and extant literatures/books on Ibadan and Ijebu were reviewed which shed lights on the settlement pattern of Ijebu people in Ibadan. Also, the use of oral sources by interviewing a number of indigenes of Ijebu in Ibadan was employed. In the same manner, internet sources and contemporary essays (newspaper, etc) were made use of.

Evidently, Ijebu emigrants contributed to educational, communication, political and infrastructural developments of Ibadan. Clearly, reference was made to some certain Ijebu indigenes underlining their significant contributions to Ibadan.

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