Friday, 22 January 2016

The Groundwork: ‘The History of Foursquare Gospel Church, Akobo-Ojurin, Ibadan, Nigeria,2007-2013’

Abstract: About the book

It is helpful to think of the local Church historian’s task as a research into a congregation’s DNA, and its particular characterisation. No doubt, the present-day character of a local Church often has deep historical roots. Hence, this book surgically looks into the microcosm and internalities of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Akobo-Ojurin, Ibadan, Nigeria. It x-rays the visionary affirmativeness that laid the foundation of the church, the organization and the people that orchestrated it. It throws lights into how God protected and preserved his people from the beginning to the present day so as to bring about the sure accomplishment of his redemptive purposes in Jesus Christ. The vision to establish the branch was birthed during the leadership of the then Zonal Superintendent of Iyana Zone, Reverend Gabriel Olanrewaju Akande of blessed memory. Paradoxically, the church was founded on April
01, 2007 (April Fool Day). As a trained historian, the author believes that history is progressive. Calculatedly, he opts for chronological historiography - writing style, though; he takes a swipe into some thematic issues. This historical writing only covers April 2007 to July 2013.

To download the complete History of Foursquare Gospel Church, Akobo-Ojurin, Ibadan, Nigeria,2007-2013, click here

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