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“2019 Elections and Machiavellian Romantic Rhythms Between Buhari and Saraki” — by Sesan Michael Johnson

“2019 Elections and Machiavellian Romantic Rhythms Between Buhari and Saraki” — by Sesan Michael Johnson as published on July 24, 2018

Between 2015 and now, evident in Nigeria’s polity is the continuous row between the Caliph of Aso Rock (Presidency) and the Caliph of the Senate. Not too long, the Supreme Court exonerated the Waziri of Ilorin in a seemingly controversial circumstance. By the way, what has become of the alleged involvement of Saraki in the popular Offa robbery saga?

The Buharists opine that Saraki’s caliphate must collapse since it did not receive the blessings of Buhari’s caliphate. Without mincing words, the Sarakists see the anti-corruption blalala (whips) trolling their Caliph as political persecution in a Machiavellian style; though they could not prove that their principal did not commit the ‘offences’. What are the reasons for these contestations? Is it all about the interests of the state or the welfare of the citizenry? Why is Buhari afraid of the ascendancy of Saraki’s profile? Why is Saraki undermining the hegemony of Sai baba? These are fundamental questions that must be appropriated and interrogated within the framework of the complexities, realities and imperatives of 2019 Elections.

Unarguably, nPDP played critical roles in the ascendancy of APC into power. The same group has been undermining the leadership of APC. On the group’s exit buhaha, Adams Oshiomole and Buhari have been having series of meetings with the group (now rAPC). To some commentators this group should be allowed to leave APC — good riddance to bad rubbish (in their voice). According to them PMB will win the 2019 election without rAPC, since Mr President has done so well to deserve second term in office. They also argued that these are corrupt persons that must be pushed out of APC. After all, Buhari who is the leader of APC is Mr Incorruptible!

Methinks their cogitation seems to be premised on idealism and morality. But I believe readers know these Machiavellian politicians think and act realism. As mused recently by Dele Momodu; this is a case of Arithmetic of Politics. rAPC/nPDP literally represents 5 Governors of northern extraction, 30 Senators and over 100 federal honourable members. In terms of electoral votes, this is huge. Whereas, this is why PMB and Oshiomole are aggressively romancing Saraki and his cohorts (the picture below succinctly captures that).

With a censorious look into the electoral history of PMB (3 defeats and 1 victory), one may be tempted to conclude that 2019 is a forgone issue for PMB if the threat of rAPC/nPDP materialised. Anyways, within the remix of political permutations, differentiations and integration; anything can happen in an election.

What’s the stake of the citizens in the sophistry of rAPC/nPDP in line with 2019 election? Do you think they are determined to help the masses? Or they are doing it for God’s sake — nitori Olorun?

Why this current ‘rapprochement’ between the two Caliphs (PMB & Saraki)? Some are saying the fact that Mr President is now graciously romancing Saraki (The so-called Mr Corrupt) shows that after all Mr Incorruptible himself is corrupt. O ko pe aja lobo fun wa ni — naming the dog as monkey. I concur with them that this romance between them is eroding the little integrity remaining in Mr President.

What good will the separation of these two groups (APC and rAPC/nPDP) do for Nigeria/Nigerians? What about the settlement of their rift? These are questions begging for answers.

The electorates must understand the corollary and imperatives of the thinking and workings of politicians. In voting, voters must vote their conscience and shun the whims and caprices of politicians. The politics of 2019 Elections is going to be a complex puzzle to crack…. Only time will tell

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