Monday, 20 August 2018

"A Clarion Call to Parents and Teenagers" by SMB Sesan Michael JOHNSON

"A Clarion Call to Parents and Teenagers" by SMB Sesan Michael JOHNSON

#SummerHOLIDAY #DevelopSkillsAndCapacity

Without mincing words, parents and/or adults will agree with me that certificates aren't enough again. Certification without appropriate skill sets can not make a candidate fly. I am encouraging parents and guardians to encourage their wards to pursue learning of skills during this summer holiday. This will help in the discovery of their talents and in its development. It will expose them to capacity building early in life.

Teens please don't waste your time during this long holiday. Learn new skills and upgrade your capacity.

Register with a technologist or technician (#apprenticeship) to learn new skills. Don't say the time of the holiday is too short. Skills can be learned in instalments. What you learn determines what you earn.

Volunteer to work with an entrepreneur (small or big) as an #intern to upgrade your capacity. Don't worry about cash, the experience will pay off in the nearest future.

There are many skills you can go for (Microsoft package, shoe-making, graphic designs, web development, fashion designing, social media management, costume making, digital marketing, plumbing, software development, carpentry, welding, event management, languages, music instrumentation, photography, video editing, etc). In a nutshell, use this holiday to upgrade and add values to your to your life in order to become valuable.

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