Monday, 20 August 2018

"History as an agency of development" - by SMB Sesan Johnson

"History as an agency of development" - by  SMB Sesan Johnson

With knowledge of the histories of constitutional developments, political alliances and elections in (Pre and Post-Independence) Nigeria, it's tenable to say one should not be aghast with the gales of defections, decamping and/or cross-carpeting. But in recent times, I am beginning to realise that post-1999 youths of this country lack basic knowledge of the differences between governance and politics. Whereas until recent intervention, history as a subject was removed from the curricula of secondary school education in Nigeria with its attendant effects in higher institutions. One of the arguments has been the connection between history and national development?

With the ongoing project towards reintroducing the subject, historical knowledge must be appropriated to promote human agency towards development. To move forward, history scholars must demolish all the pathologies and pedagogies of knowledges that undermine development in Nigeria; and rejig all shades of paradigms on politics and governance. Why must we do this? There's a high connection between history and development. We may not be able to necessarily provide all the answers to all the problems of today but our goal is to raise questions and also inspire citizens to raise fundamental questions that provide development templates for the nation. This will enable citizens to interrogate the policies and actions of policy makers and politicians in proper perspective. Historical pedagogies and epistemologies must not only amplify the elitist ideation but also use to elevate the welfare of the poor.

Amidst the cacophony of discordant narratives and dysfunctional political machinations pervading our political psychics, the electorates must be aware that all of these are to win the souls of the masses. As these politicians of all shades fight over identities, categories and personal ego, the electorates must remain focus on the agenda for sustainable development. As they remix their dichotomous fight of oneness and otherness (APC versus PDP or other political parties); the electorates must conscientiously look out for men and women endowed with integrity and competence

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