Friday, 9 November 2018

“Buhari’s WAEC Certificate vs Atiku’s USA Travel Ban: Nigeria’s Loss of PRIORITY” by SMB Sesan JOHNSON

“Buhari’s WAEC Certificate vs Atiku’s USA Travel Ban: Nigeria’s Loss of PRIORITY” by SMB Sesan JOHNSON

Somehow in recent time, I had muted my muse and pen on issues relating to Nigeria’s 2019 election. No doubt, this is for private reasons.

Now, on the one hand, Atiku is focusing his energy to prove that he can travel to US. Will that make him a better president come 2019? On the other hand, Buhari worked hard to prove he indeed sat for WAEC. Is certification the prerequisite for better performance come 2019? (If you ask me, who I go ask)

In 2 Kings 6:25 King (KJV), the Bible says: “And there was a great famine in Samaria: and, behold, they besieged it, until an ass’s head was sold for fourscore pieces of silver, and the fourth part of a cab of dove’s dung for five pieces of silver.”

I hope you will agree with me that Nigeria’s political and socio-economic situations are somehow the same with the conditions that pervaded Samaria in the scripture above. Even ardent supporters of APC-led government can not deny the worrisome economic situations in the country. The masses are passing through ‘trying’ times. With the same momentum, some army of people are gathering outside the country (Dubai, etc) besieging the country. This call for a serious concern. Don’t you think this situation is bad already and it’s about to give in to the army besieging it. This must be reflected upon devoid of bias along party line. ‘Oro yi di apero fun gbogbo omo eriwo’.

On this debacle over Buhari’s certificate and Atiku’s US travel ban, methinks Nigerians are missing it. Markedly, Nigeria seems to be under siege currently. And when a nation is under a siege, priorities are misplaced. Things of values become worthless and worthless issues are giving high values.

Premised on the above scripture, Nigerians must pray and take drastic actions to avert the current siege upon our nation. It took dramatic and bold steps (as orchestrated by God) by four (#4) lepers to change the scourge besieging Samaria. I prophetically believe that Nigerians can use the next four (#4) months to forge a better future for this great nation. We must pray to God for grace to have His fears and to have passion and love for our nation and the citizens. We must seek for directions and join hands together to formulate development template for a future greater than our imaginings. A future that generations to come will bless the generation of today.

God bless Nigeria!

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